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Direct to the Public

CTJ is a diamond wholesaler direct to the retail public. The business was established so people did not have to overpay for jewellery.

We wanted people not to window shop but to buy.

The business maintains a large stock of loose diamonds, so the public can view diamonds rather than just internet buy.

We travel and research suppliers who have the best diamonds, so there is never a compromise in the quality we sell

There are plenty of diamonds on the market, with the relaxation of the supply laws and Zimbabwe diamonds allowed onto the market there have been , a lot of inferior stones hitting the market.


These stones come still under the GIA cert and you do not know what you are buying. Cheaper stones on internet sites are what you pay for in most circumstances. Brown tinge or green tinge or milky, none of these are shown on a GIA certitfication.

When your diamond arrives and it looks ok then put it next to a white with no tinge same colour then you know.

At CTJ It does not matter to us what you buy as long as you happy with it.

We have a large workshop on the premises for all work so you can be satisfied that your pieces will have the utmost care.