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What’s New at CTJ


Direct to the Public

CTJ is a diamond wholesaler direct to the retail public. The business was established so people did not have to overpay for jewellery.

We wanted people not to window shop but to buy.

The business maintains a large stock of loose diamonds, so the public can view diamonds rather than just internet buy.

We travel and research suppliers who have the best diamonds, so there is never a compromise in the quality we sell

There are plenty of diamonds on the market, with the relaxation of the supply laws and Zimbabwe diamonds allowed onto the market there have been , a lot of inferior stones hitting the market.

These stones come still under the GIA cert and you do not know what you are buying. Cheaper stones on internet sites are what you pay for in most circumstances. Brown tinge or green tinge or milky, none of these are shown on a GIA certitfication.

Design Your Own Custom Look


Are you after a specific design to suit your needs? With our design specialists, you can have that diamond jewellery looking exactly how you want it made. 

It’s simple. Just let us know, with a rough drawing of what you want, or come in and we can draw it up together and then we go away to create that ideal jewellery design that you are wanting.

What Our Customers Say

Just would like to say a BIG thank you to CTJ Jewellers for making my experience comfortable and memorable"
Julienne Reid
Fantastic experience with Greg and all the staff! Highly recommend entrusting CTJ for your next special gift for your loved one
Mark Bastine
The CTJ were there every step of the way during my journey (confusing at times), of buying an engagement ring

Conflict-Free Diamonds - Our Guarantee

At James Allen, we understand that our customers care where their diamonds come from, and we share that concern with you. Every diamond we sell is certified conflict-free in compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberley Process, and United Nations resolutions.

Our internal guidelines exceed these government requirements: we have binding contracts with our suppliers which guarantee that the diamonds they offer to us for sale comply with all applicable laws and are certified conflict-free. We only purchase polished diamonds from sources which are members of the professional diamond trade.

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